Kyiv Property Market Inventory continues to Vanish

December 2019 was another month of vanishing inventory and rising prices in the Kyiv secondary market. Denominated in US Dollars, the city’s average square meter came in at $1430 with city center meters at $2120. Overall 2019 saw a gain of +16%. With city center annual rental yields averaging 10%-18%, the Kyiv property market is proving itself to be one of the top performers of the year globally in terms of net returns.

But the real story continues to be evaporating inventory now sitting at 10,300 units and showing a year-over-year draw down of -37%. This is a far cry from the 22,000 we saw only 2 years ago. A continuation of this trend should have a more pronounced positive impact on price into 2020. The special city center properties (penthouses, park views etc) we saw in 2017 going for -50% of their 2007 highs are mostly gone and those who were lucky enough to pick them up will likely be rewarded with spectacular gains.

Last month’s Kyiv property market update (November 2018 data)