Pubs & bars

The Ukrainians hip friendly drinking and hanging out at leisure. Though the country has not proven reputation as beer Mecca, it is just a question of time. Local pubs offer various sorts of beer – both local and the international brands. There is a severe competition even among Ukrainian beer producers, that effects it is of rather nice quality. Some establishments brew beer of their private labels.

Pubs are a favourite place for informal socializing for middle-level managers of international companies and creative people of all kinds. It may turn to be a problem to find free space here on Friday and Saturday evenings. Besides, the establishments of high expats’ concentration are the chasing area for local girls to bring to bay foreign males. If you don’t mind – you will have chance on encounter with really the loveliest girls in Europe.

Pubs welcome original music bands. Some of such places may be considered as both pubs and popular rock-clubs or art-cafes. Some famous Ukrainian and Russian bands, plying rock, folk or indi, put these grounds into their tour schedule. So such popular places usually charge UAH 50-100 for entrance depending on the music guests.

The best pubs and bars are mostly concentrated around the centre and some of them operate after midnight. So, after 11 p.m. you may commonly watch the jolly crowds having left restaurants and cafes, are hanging around to top the nice evening in some friendly place.

0,5l of local beer will charge you from UAH 25, the same glass of the international brand – from UAH 50. The most popular Ukrainian beer brands – “Obolon”, “Slavutych”, “Chernighivske”, “Lvivske”.

Alcohol street drinking is banned in Ukraine.

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