Ukrainian Language Schools in Kyiv

Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv, is the ideal place to learn and appreciate the intricacies of the Slavic languages. The historical and cultural center of the Ukrainian Steppe for over a millennia. This legacy is still present in Ukrainian culture, as the historical crossroads between the great Eastern and Western powers. Kyiv is host to many differing language schools. Price and program plans range from $10 USD for a 45 minute lesson, to $1200 USD for a full intensive 6 week program.

ALMA Language School

Located in the city center, on Lipskaya street, only a short walk from Arsenalna metro station. It is close too Mariinsky Park and only a 15 minute walk from Kreshatyk Street. This language school features a large and professional staff of 6 teachers, and specializes in the teaching of Russian and Ukrainian. The price for one individual lesson is ₴500 UAH ($20 USD) for up to a 2 hour lesson. Or for groups ₴2400 UAH ($100 USD) for 8 biweekly lessons. This school also offers specialized classes teaching Russian/Ukrainian slang, Ukrainian Literature, and many other diverse options.

ECHO Eastern Europe Language School

Located in Podil, Echo Eastern Europe Language School is another option that offers both courses in Ukrainian and Russian. ECHO is a short walk from Poshtova Ploshcha Metro Station, and the Dnieper River. The school’s website contains a large catalog of testimonials and reviews from previous students. ECHO offers many different class options. These options range from an intensive summer school program to over the internet Skype lessons. Singular 45 minute lessons cost €11 EUR ($12 USD), and the standard course consisting of 20 lessons costs €220 EUR ($245 USD). A wide variety of other services are offered by ECHO such as, tours of Kyiv, and other extracurricular activities ranging from 10 EUR ($11 USD) to 90 EUR ($100 USD).

NOVAMOVA International Language School

Located in the Kyiv city center, NOVAMOVA International Language School is only a 3 minute walk from Golden Gate and Zoloti Vorota Metro Station, and contains 11 instructional rooms. Like other languages schools listed here NOVAMOVA offers specials programs that include events like historical tours and immersions into Ukrainian culture through many culturally related activities. NOVAMOVA only allows for the purchase of a 1 week or more. 1 week consisting of 20 lessons carries the cost of €200 EUR ($220 USD). The more weeks purchased, the less the cost will be per week, for example if 13 or more weeks are bought then the price will only be €145 EUR ($160 USD) per week.

Language Art & Education Center

Located in the city center, The Language Art & Education Center is also a short walk from Golden Gate and Zoloti Vorota Metro Station. This school teaches a wide variety of languages. These include, Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Turkish, and lastly, Swedish. The LAE Center also contains art exhibits and other educational resources. The price for a singular 60 minute lesson carries a price of ₴450 UAH ($19 USD) or ₴550 UAH ($23 USD) for 90 minutes. Specialized classes are offered for different prices. Such as business focused lessons that concentrate on topics like official communication, tips on business structure, and necessary business related terms. This business specialized course is offered for ₴500 UAH ($21 USD) for 60 minutes and ₴600 UAH ($25 USD) for 90 minutes.

Ideal International

Ideal International not only uses one location, but has offices all over Kyiv. Ranging from Poznyaki to Palats Sportu Metro Stations. This school offers an insane variety of languages. Languages like, Portugese, Chinese, Polish and of course, Ukrainian. The options for learning Ukrainian include, 60 minute Skype lessons for €10 EUR ($11 USD), and €15 EUR ($16 USD) for 90 minutes. Lessons can also be hosted at your home or another location of your choosing for €15 EUR ($16 USD). Ideal offers 16 group lessons for between ₴1250- ₴1500 UAH ($53-$63 USD). This school has a very large and qualified staff base that are fluent in many languages.

In conclusion, there are many great options for learning Ukrainian in the beautiful city of Kyiv. Each school listed here is different from all of the rest in small ways that can morph the language learning experience. Don’t be afraid to call these schools to learn more about their programs and options I recommend visiting the websites of all of these schools to decide which school is ideal for your Ukrainian language learning experience. Reading reviews and testimonials is a great way to determine the best options for learning.

Kyiv to Rename Street in Honor of Welsh Journalist Gareth Jones

Kyiv City Council has voted unanimously in favor of naming a city street in honor of Welsh journalist who was responsible for exposing Stalin’s early 1930’s genocide in Ukraine.

The location of the street is yet to be officially named but is expected to be Proectny Lane in Shevchenkivskyi district.

The recent Agnieska Holland film “Mr Jones” has brought worldwide attention to the 1932-1933 famine imposed by the Stalin regime and the man largely responsible for getting the story out of a closed USSR. In 1932 entering Russia on a journalist visa, Mr Jones eventually ditched his minders, getting off the train earlier than planned somewhere outside Kharkiv to see mass starvation. The dead bodies lining the streets and acts of cannibalism he witnessed were contrary to the positive official propaganda lines that were flooding world media at the time.

On March 29, 1933, he convened a press conference in Berlin, in which he publicly announced the catastrophic situation in Ukraine. The press release was reprinted by leading world publications, in particular the New York Evening Post and the Manchester Guardian.

Sadly, Gareth Jones was murdered soon after these events by a suspected Kremlin assassin in Mongolia.

Kyiv Property Market Update – December 2019

Kyiv Real Estate Prices Continues Upward

This article will focus on the secondary market rather than the new construction projects which rely on a number of supply/demand factors that aren’t as indicative of the overall economic picture.

November 2019 brought another advance in property prices in Kyiv as the general economic situation continued to improve. On a per meter basis, in US Dollars, prices now are back to where they were in April of 2016 ($1411/m²). This marks the 15th consecutive month of higher prices.

City center has seen the highest growth over the past year now reaching an average cost of $2110/m².

Kyiv property market average price – November 2018-November 2019 in USD


For November we again see that the real story is inventory which continues to evaporate, having been cut in half over the past 18 months and by -37% in just the past 12 months. The current inventory of 10538 units is the lowest within available records that date back to 2010. Just 16 months ago we are at 22,000.

When buying again picks up later in the year we could see the lack of available properties really begin to effect prices to the upside.

Previous month’s Kyiv Property market update can be found here